What are carbon fiber prosthetics?

2022-11-30 17:54:48 tanchain

In the field of rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics are the earliest and fastest-growing ones. Because of the complexity of human movement organs, the mechanisms suitable for human movement prostheses are also very complex, and the quality of prosthetics will directly affect the energy consumed by prosthetic patients. In order to effectively reduce the weight of prostheses, carbon fiber composite materials with low density and high strength are applied to the manufacture of prostheses, making modern prostheses lighter and more functional.

The advantages of carbon fiber: high specific strength, high specific modulus, good fatigue resistance, strong designability, and good safety. In addition to these main features, there are also important features such as good shock absorption, corrosion resistance, and good craftsmanship. Excellent properties.

Application of carbon fiber in the field of prosthetics:

1. Prosthetic feet

carbon fiber prosthetic foot

It is mainly used to support the weight of the human body and generate thrust during exercise. The prosthetic foot made of carbon fiber composite material has a ratio of more than 90% of the stored energy output, which can save the user more effort. At present, most of the high-end energy storage prosthetic feet are made of carbon fiber composite materials.

carbon fiber prosthetics

2. Carbon Fiber Ankle

The linkage between the ankle and the foot of the human body plays a key role in the balance and support of the body. The ankle joint made of carbon fiber can realize the jumping function of the human body. In addition, the connecting part of the ankle and calf prosthesis can also be realized with carbon fiber. The overall production is very beautiful.

3. Carbon fiber knee joint

carbon fiber products

Injuries to the legs In addition to the feet, injuries to the knees are also common. There are many kinds of materials for making this key. The steel structure is too heavy, the aluminum alloy is weak in strength and not durable, the price of titanium alloy is too expensive, and carbon fiber is relatively the most cost-effective material. At present, most knee prostheses use a carbon fiber frame structure. These products are light in weight and stable in structure, and the joints swing smoothly and save effort when used.

4. Remnant link cavity

The connecting part of the prosthesis and the human body is called the socket, which mainly wraps the residual limb and transmits force. This part has high load-bearing requirements and should not be too heavy. Carbon fiber materials can also be used as materials for making this part. The part containing the residual limb can be made of polyethylene plate, and the support body can be made of carbon fiber to make the frame structure, so as to realize easy support and power transmission.

There are millions of people in our country who need prosthetics, but most of the domestic products are heavy and have low performance. Carbon fiber materials can greatly improve the performance of prosthetic products, and the production of high-strength carbon fiber prosthetics requires the cooperation of more medical personnel and composite material personnel.

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