All-carbon fiber composite rocket successfully launched

2022-12-08 10:14:18 tanchain

Full carbon fiber composite solid carrier rocket Kuaizhou 11 was successfully launched

On December 7, the Kuaizhou-11 solid carrier rocket was ignited and blasted off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in my country, successfully sending the Xingyun Transportation VDES test satellite into the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success.

Kuaizhou-11 carrier rocket is a medium-sized solid carrier rocket launched by Aerospace Science and Industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Aerospace Sanjiang Group Co., Ltd., and developed by Aerospace Sanjiang.

The entire rocket is made of carbon fiber composite materials, with a take-off mass of 78 tons, a body diameter of 2.2 meters, and a carrying capacity of no less than 1 ton in a 700-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit. The overall technical level has reached the international advanced level of solid launch vehicles.

This type of rocket has the characteristics of "mobile test docking, mobile launch, mobile cloud measurement and control", has rapid launch capabilities, and can adapt to diverse launch tasks. As a new member of the Kuaizhou series solid carrier rocket family, compared with Kuaizhou-1A, the carrying capacity of Kuaizhou-11 carrier rocket has increased by about 5 times, realizing the leapfrog development of the Kuaizhou series of carrier rockets, which can better meet The demand for large-scale, high-density, and rapid launch of satellites will strongly drive the development of my country's solid launch vehicle and its power technology.

At the same time as the Kuaizhou-11 solid launch vehicle was developed, the rocket company has simultaneously started small-batch production of the product. After receiving the commercial order, the satellite launch performance can be completed within 6-8 months.

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