Matters needing attention when pasting carbon fiber cloth

2023-02-09 15:18:33 tanchain

Most of the carbon fiber cloth is made of carbon fiber cloth or prepreg. Regardless of the method, the design of the lay-up structure of the carbon fiber cloth is a very important step in the entire carbon fiber process. The carbon fiber cloth has a very high material due to carbon fiber characteristic. Carbon fiber cloth has high strength and high hardness, far exceeding the metal material with the same volume and weight. Therefore, carbon fiber cloth is widely used in high-tech industrial fields such as aviation, navigation, and military industry.

carbon fiber clothes

It is precisely because of this that countries with advanced carbon fiber technology in the world, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Italy, have maintained an extremely cautious attitude towards exporting carbon fiber products and technologies to China. Even at present, the import of carbon fiber and carbon fiber cloth in my country is strictly controlled by developed countries.

The layering method of carbon fiber cloth will directly affect the performance of the entire carbon fiber cloth. In the design process, attention should be paid to maximize the performance of carbon fiber itself in the product. Research and development and processing of carbon fiber materials, the products involve military, medical, automobile and other fields. Most of the carbon fiber cloth is made of carbon fiber cloth or prepreg. Regardless of the method, the layup structure design of the carbon fiber cloth is a very important step in the entire carbon fiber process. Carbon fiber cloth has extremely high material properties due to carbon fiber.

In the current research, carbon fiber needs composite resin to exert its optimal performance. However, the performance of resin material is much worse than that of carbon fiber. Therefore, the internal design of carbon fiber cloth must add load to carbon fiber cloth and avoid resin as much as possible. Interlayer force combined with carbon fiber cloth. In order to avoid or minimize delamination during use, there must be fiber distribution at 0°, ±45°, and 90° during carbon fiber layup, so as to make the entire carbon fiber cloth stronger and more durable.

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When processing carbon fiber cloth, especially the edge of carbon fiber plate products is prone to cracking, so it is best not to spread carbon fiber cloth in one direction when making such products. This is the best situation at the beginning of part design Control within five layers of spread.

The outermost layer of carbon fiber cloth is the position of direct force, and it is prone to detachment defects during use. In order to avoid this situation, the fibers should be laid obliquely in the main load direction of the product, and cannot be laid flat or vertically. put design. Be sure to use a whole piece of carbon fiber cloth on the outermost layer, and try to avoid cutting to avoid discontinuity.

Because the molding of carbon fiber cloth requires high temperature curing, the material will thermally expand when heated at high temperature. If the layer of carbon fiber cloth is asymmetrical, the product will warp during the heating process, so the layer of carbon fiber cloth should be symmetrical. Carbon fiber production has many excellent properties. Carbon fiber has high axial strength and modulus, low density, high specific performance, no creep, ultra-high temperature resistance in non-oxidizing environment, good fatigue resistance, specific heat and electrical conductivity between non-metallic Between metal and metal, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small and anisotropic, with good corrosion resistance and good X-ray transparency. Good electrical and thermal conductivity, good electromagnetic shielding, etc.

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