12k Unidirectional Carbon Fabric

Unidirectional carbon fiber fabric is an industrial raw material commonly used in today industrialized countries.

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Unidirectional carbon fabric description:

Unidirectional carbon fabric means that only one direction contains carbon fiber filaments, and the other direction is the hot melt glue line, which plays a fixed role. The strength of the entire carbon fiber cloth is concentrated in the direction of the carbon fiber filaments. Unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics are commonly used industrial raw materials in today's industrialized countries. The product has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high modulus, temperature resistance up to 2000°, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and so on. Carbon fiber products are widely used in all walks of life due to their excellent chemical and physical properties.

unidirectional carbon fabric performance:

  1. The construction quality is easy to guarantee. Because the carbon fiber cloth is soft, even if it is used on objects with uneven surfaces, it also guarantees a good adhesion effect. If there are air bubbles on the sticking surface, it is easy to use a syringe to inject the sticky agent to drive away the air, but it is difficult to stick steel plates to do this.

  2. Convenient construction There is no wet operation, no need for large-scale construction equipment, no need for on-site fixed facilities, and the construction is convenient. The carbon fiber cloth can be cut arbitrarily, the construction is simple, and the construction period is short.

  3. Thin thickness and light weight After pasting, the weight per square meter is less than 1.0kg (including the weight of glue), and the thickness of a layer of carbon fiber cloth is only 0.111 mm / 0.167 mm, and the self-weight and external dimensions are basically not increased after repairing.

  4. Wide range of applications, carbon fiber cloth has excellent physical and mechanical properties, and its tensile strength is 7-10 times higher than that of ordinary steel, up to more than 4,000 MPa, which is very suitable for reinforcement and repair of reinforced concrete.

The carbon fiber cloth is pre-impregnated into a composite reinforcing material with epoxy resin, and then pasted on the structure to be reinforced along the tensile direction or perpendicular to the crack direction with epoxy resin adhesive, which can enhance the relationship between the pasting material and the original reinforced concrete. The common force between them increases the crack resistance of the structure and improves the strength of the structure.

Uidirectional carbon fabric Application:

Carbon fiber cloth is woven from a high-strength carbon fiber filament, hot melt glue line, and twisted edge line. Mainly used for house reinforcement, bridge reinforcement, building reinforcement and reconstruction, wood structure house reinforcement, concrete structure reinforcement, chimney reinforcement, dam reinforcement and reconstruction, tunnel reinforcement and reconstruction, metal structure reinforcement and reconstruction, stone structure reinforcement and reconstruction, coal mine reinforcement and reconstruction, comprehensive pipe gallery Reinforcement.

Tanchain Carbon Fabrics

Tanchain Carbon Fabrics

Tanchain Carbon Fabrics

Tanchain Carbon Fabrics

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Tanchain Carbon Fabrics

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