What is carbon fiber used for?

2022-09-15 11:36:59 tanchain

What is carbon fiber used for?

With the development of science and technology, some new technological products are closely related to new materials, because new materials generally have more excellent properties, so that new technological products will also get a certain degree of performance in terms of performance. change.

As a composite material, carbon fiber contains more than 95% carbon and is a synthetic material. We all know that the chemical properties of carbon are relatively stable, so it also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, but this chemical stability does not include combustion. For example, after a certain arrangement and combination of carbon, it forms a specific The structure of diamond, like diamond, can be the hardest substance naturally formed in nature, but diamond can still burn.

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In fact, after a certain arrangement and combination of carbon, the carbon fiber formed is very different from the carbon we usually know. Because the most common carbon we usually use is charcoal, which is often used as a barbecue material. It is relatively brittle in the hand and can be easily broken, but the strength of carbon fiber can be very high, usually reaching the level of steel. 7 to 9 times.

In addition, carbon fiber also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. Of course, if certain conditions are met, carbon fiber can still continue to burn, but its temperature is generally above 1000 °C. Because of its relatively high strength, carbon fiber is usually made into a tubular shape, and the tube wall is also very thin, and the material will become very light.

Based on these characteristics of carbon fiber, carbon fiber is also widely used in many fields, such as fishing rods, badminton rackets and bicycles used in our daily life, because of its light weight and relatively strong strength. High, so these items are very convenient to use, more labor-saving, and more wear-resistant, and will not cause serious wear and tear due to long-term use.

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For example, some recording equipment is intermediately applied to this material. Of course, the recording equipment mentioned here is not the recording equipment commonly used by the media, but the recording equipment used for filming movies or TV dramas. Due to the relatively high strength and light weight of carbon fiber, it is used to make some recordings. The long rod can also be freely retracted like a fishing rod. More importantly, it can save a lot of physical strength of the staff and it is more convenient to use.

In the materials of some aircraft, some aluminum alloys were generally used in the past, but now carbon fiber is slowly being used, because carbon fiber can also obtain various properties through different processes; at the same time, in rockets Or in these high-tech fields such as satellites, carbon fiber materials will also be used in large quantities. It can be said that carbon fiber materials will often be used in many high-tech products in the future.

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So, how is carbon fiber produced?

Carbon fiber uses fiber filaments as raw materials. After chemical treatment such as high temperature carbonization and chemical oxidation, and finally coated with a layer of resin, a new high-performance material can be obtained. Carbon fiber needs to have different properties according to the application, so in the manufacturing process of carbon fiber, other materials can also be added to achieve changes in performance.

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Carbon fiber has little to do with the layer of resin on the surface for a long time. Under the sunlight, the layer of resin on the surface will also age, but this will not affect the use of carbon fiber, because the performance of this material is mainly composed of The carbon fiber inside determines.

The most fundamental thing about carbon fiber is some filaments that are much smaller than a human hair. The diameter of a carbon fiber is about 10 cm. When 7 or 8 carbon fibers are gathered together, it is equivalent to the size of a hair.

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As a new type of composite material, carbon fiber has excellent performance and will have its application in many high-tech products.

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