Processing of carbon fiber

2022-09-30 11:16:01 tanchain

Processing of carbon fiber

1. Cutting

The prepreg is taken out from the cold storage at minus 18 degrees. After awakening, the first step is to accurately cut the material according to the material diagram on the automatic cutting machine.

prepreg cutting

prepreg cutting machine

2. Paving

The second step is to lay prepreg on the laying tool, and lay different layers according to the design requirements. All processes are carried out under laser positioning.

prepreg layup

prepreg layup process

3. Molding

Through the automated handling robot, the preform is sent to the molding press for molding (PCM). Currently, Walter can achieve molding in 5-10 minutes, and has a press of 800-1000 tons, which can mold various large workpieces.

prepreg compression molding

 prepreg molding

4. Cutting

After forming, the workpiece is sent to the cutting robot workstation for the fourth step of cutting and deburring to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. This process can also be operated on CNC.

prepreg cutting

prepreg cutting machine

5. Cleaning

The fifth step is to perform dry ice cleaning at the cleaning station to remove the release agent, which is convenient for the subsequent glue coating process.

prepreg cleaning

6. Glue

The sixth step is to apply structural glue at the gluing robot station. The gluing position, glue speed and glue output are all accurately adjusted. Part of the connection with the metal parts is riveted, which is carried out at the riveting station.


7. Assembly inspection

After the glue is applied, the inner and outer panels are assembled. After the glue is cured, blue light detection is performed to ensure the dimensional accuracy of key holes, points, lines and surfaces.

 Assembly inspection

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