Typical application of carbon fiber: marine ship field

2022-06-08 17:19:03 tanchain

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a material that can be used in various types of ships, from small vessels such as yachts to large vessels such as frigates, and the application of CFRP can help reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency and increase durability. Therefore, CFRP is widely used in the field of ships. This paper mainly introduces the typical application examples of CFRP propellers.

ship propeller

Traditionally, copper alloys have been the mainstream material for ship propellers (screw). By using CFRP to replace the material of ship propeller blades, light weight, low fuel consumption and vibration reduction can be achieved. In addition, CFRP propellers are installed on ships of Mitsubishi Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd., enabling environmentally friendly transportation.

Compared with traditional metal materials, the main advantages of using CFRP in ship propellers are embodied in the following aspects:

CFRP is lighter and stronger than traditional copper alloys, helping to increase the diameter of the propeller for the same weight;

The CFRP propeller blade has a hard base and a soft tip, which can effectively reduce the possibility of sudden fluctuations (sudden start, stormy sailing);

CFRP can improve propulsion performance by suppressing vacuum waves (cavitation) generated during navigation.

The mechanical properties of CFRP will vary depending on the orientation of carbon fibers, and its design freedom is significantly greater than that of metal materials such as copper alloys. Therefore, sudden starts and overloads during stormy weather can be reduced if the blades are shaped to match the flow.

Copper alloy metal material

Additionally, carbon fiber composites have about one-fifth the specific gravity of copper alloys, making them a very lightweight propeller with the same properties. Not only is installation easier, but the load on the bearing can be reduced by lowering the moment of inertia. Also, lightweight materials can increase the diameter of the propeller and improve propulsion efficiency.

CFRP ship propellers also have a good effect on improving the crew's riding quality: because carbon fiber is lighter than traditional copper alloys and has high vibration absorption characteristics, it has the effect of reducing vibration and noise in the ship; through vibration reduction, it can be effectively suppressed Noise and reduced torsional vibration stress; a more comfortable living environment and less stress on the crew due to less vibration and noise.

Comparison with CFRP propellers

According to practical experience, it can be found that by using CFRP propellers, the noise in the main places on the ship such as dining room, wheelhouse and engine room has been reduced, especially in the mess hall, noise has always been one of the key factors affecting the quality of seafarers, such as it is difficult to hear TV during meals , but can be heard clearly now.

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