Application of carbon fiber products in the field of marine ships

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Torayca® carbon fiber produced by Toray Carbon Fiber Europe contributes to the advancement of the shipbuilding industry. At present, Torayca® carbon fiber has been widely used in the fields of racing and leisure yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, ferries and other types of boats. important.

carbon fiber yachts

Advantages in the field of carbon fiber ships

When the hull is exposed to harsh conditions at sea, it is a test for the material. Compared with traditional materials such as metal, glass fiber reinforced polyester, etc., Torayca® carbon fiber can provide the following advantages:

Excellent mechanical strength.

High resistance to mechanical fatigue.

Low density, twice lower than glass fiber reinforced polyester material.

Better anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

Carbon fiber can give boats some improvements in speed and stability. Performance improvements such as aging resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical fatigue resistance significantly improve the safety and durability of ships.

Typical applications of carbon fiber ships

Torayca® carbon fiber composites have been successfully used in shipbuilding for many years. They have a proven history of reliability and durability.

carbon fiber ships

Torayca® carbon fiber offers designers a wide range of possibilities for designing decks, hulls and interiors. From an environmental point of view, the light weight brought about by the use of carbon fiber can reduce the energy consumption of the vessel, thereby further reducing CO2 emissions.

The use of composite materials also reduces the operating costs of ships as their high durability reduces maintenance costs. Due to the low density of carbon fiber composites, energy consumption is also optimized.

Typical marine carbon fiber types and characteristics

Toray Carbon Fiber Europe's T700S carbon fiber is the benchmark in the shipbuilding industry. Compatible with all three common resins including epoxy, vinylester and polyester, it is especially suitable for the production of hulls, masts, decks, structures and interior design elements.

In Ocean Racing, every gram counts. The lighter the boat, the faster it sails. Just like Formula 1, it takes the best technology to beat the competition. Toray Carbon Fiber Europe's top-of-the-line Torayca® carbon fiber is indispensable for designers.

T800H and T800S medium modulus carbon fiber is the material of choice for building racing sailboats;

High modulus carbon fibers M40J and M46J are primarily designed for applications requiring high modulus and high electrical resistance, such as masts and foils.

T700S carbon fiber

In ocean racing, setting speed records is not paramount; the safety of the crew is also at stake. The reliability of Torayca® carbon fiber is critical to bringing crew safely back to port.

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