Application of carbon fiber products in the automotive field

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Product Features and Typical Applications

Due to the excellent mechanical properties of carbon fibers, carbon fiber composites can significantly reduce the weight of vehicle structures compared to conventional materials: 30% compared to aluminum and 70% compared to steel.

Carbon fiber is well suited for mass production of structural and interior parts.

carbon fiber applications

Application advantages of carbon fiber in the automotive industry

  1. Lightweight: light weight, improve energy efficiency.

  2. Very high stiffness.

  3. Excellent tensile and bending properties.

  4. High impact resistance.

  5. thermal resistance.

  6. Good shock absorption performance.

  7. conduct electricity.

Carbon fiber is also known for the premium touch it brings to automotive design. The textile quality of Torayca® T300 fiber remains unmatched in the market. The fiber alignment, tow width consistency and sizing content of T300 provide a uniform finish for carbon fiber laminates. Available in 1K, 3K and 6K, these tows are ideal for interior applications.

Application of Carbon Fiber in Hydrogen Energy Vehicles

To reduce CO2 emissions, Europe has tightened regulations to encourage innovative solutions for new, greener and more efficient vehicles. Automakers are now involved in the design of innovative engines, including hydrogen-powered vehicles.

carbon fiber reinforcement

For nearly 20 years, Toray has participated in this technological revolution in partnership with Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Honda. Torayca® carbon fiber is used in high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks for Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity fuel cells. Torayca® Carbon Paper is a carbon fiber composite mat in the form of a non-woven fabric, ideal for use as fuel cell electrodes.

Application of Carbon Fiber in Racing Cars

Carbon fiber was pioneered in Formula One and other forms of motorsport in the early 80s. Today, 70% of the structure of a Formula 1 car is made of carbon fibre. In addition to weight savings, increased rigidity and improved heat resistance, the use of carbon fiber composites also significantly improves driver safety.

Numerous studies have shown that carbon fiber composites are effective in resisting impacts and absorbing the energy generated in collisions, and organizations such as the FIA acknowledge these facts. Toray Carbon Fiber Europe offers a wide range of carbon fibers for racing:

T800H, T1100GC: intermediate modulus carbon fibers for applications ranging from aerospace to Formula 1 racing.

M40J, M46J, and M55J: These carbon fibers are designed for applications requiring high tensile strength and high modulus.

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