Application and advantages of carbon fiber products in automobiles

2022-11-10 16:42:08 tanchain

Carbon fiber is one of the emerging high-tech materials. It was mostly used in the aerospace and military industries in the past. With the advancement of technology and the increase in output, it has gradually begun to be popularized and applied in various manufacturing fields. Carbon fiber products are more and more widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, and carbon fiber materials can be seen from high-end sports cars to various parts of automobiles. The use of carbon fiber in automobiles to replace steel and aluminum alloy materials can effectively reduce the body weight, improve fuel efficiency, reduce exhaust emissions, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. Carbon fiber is a new choice for the realization of lightweight automobiles.

Application of Carbon Fiber Auto Parts

  1. Carbon fiber body and chassis

    Carbon fiber materials have great advantages over traditional materials in terms of strength and stiffness. Using carbon fiber composite materials to make body and chassis can reduce the weight by 40% to 60%. At present, many sports car bodies use carbon fiber materials, and the demand for carbon fiber materials for new energy vehicle bodies is also increasing.

    Carbon fiber body and chassis

  2. carbon fiber brake pads

    Carbon fiber products are environmentally friendly and wear-resistant, and are ideal materials for automobile brake pads. Traditional brake pads are mostly made of steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic, and their performance is much lower than that of carbon fiber materials. The high-grade carbon fiber brake disc withstands a high temperature of 2500 ° C, and the braking stability is also very good. At present, high-end carbon fiber brake pads are mostly used in high-end cars due to the high production cost.

    carbon fiber brake pads

  3. carbon fiber drive shaft

    The high strength and low specific modulus of carbon fiber can adapt to the complex environmental characteristics of the drive shaft. The carbon fiber drive shaft can not only reduce the weight by more than half, but also be durable and fatigue-resistant, and has a longer service life.

carbon fiber drive shaft

Advantages of Carbon Fiber in Automotive Applications

  1. Lightweight automobiles

    Compared with steel and other materials, the biggest advantage of carbon fiber is its light weight. Now most of the weight of the car is concentrated on the parts made of steel as raw materials. If all carbon fiber composite materials are used for replacement, the weight of the car body itself can be greatly reduced.

  2. Make the car safer

    Carbon fiber is a very strong material. In the crash test, the energy absorption capacity is 4 or 5 times higher than that of steel. Carbon fiber composite materials to make bumpers and car front-end frames can greatly improve car safety.

  3. Energy saving and emission reduction

    With the increasingly severe form of environmental pollution, the green development of energy conservation and emission reduction in the automotive industry is the mainstream trend. The lighter the weight of the car, the smaller the energy consumption, and the emission of automobile exhaust will be reduced, which can effectively save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

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